Malaysia Book of Records

It is a project with the concept created in line with the government’s call to private sectors to play its role in Nation Building towards Vision 2020 and, it is related to all walks of life. As the National Record-Keeper, MBR is an official body that recognises record holders, record breakers and record creators in the country. Upon confirmation of their feats, achievements and creations, MBR issues certificates to them.

Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards

The JCI TOYM program was launched by Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCIM) in year 1985 to commemorate the International Year of the Youth. JCIM then decided to adopt this program as part of JCIM annual project, to accord recognition to young Malaysian between the ages of 18 to 40, whose dedication to their profession or life undertakings has resulted in exceptional achievement, in the form of significant contributions to the progress or welfare of the community at large and to the advancement of their respective field of endeavor.

SME Platinum Business Award

This is bestowed on young SMEs which have displayed great potential to become successful players in local and international marketplace. They are companies that are on the verge of a breakthrough and will become successful, when given the necessary financial support, guidance and nurturing. The company must be able to present a unique, competitive and potential business concept and/or strategy yet to be executed and/or successful.

Asia Recruitment Awards

The Asia Recruitment Awards 2015 are the only regional recruitment awards dedicated predominantly to in-house talent acquisition teams in Asia. These prestigious awards are dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the very best recruitment and talent acquisition work in Asia. The Asia Recruitment Awards acknowledge companies from around Asia-Pacific leading the way in talent acquisition strategy and execution, raising recruitment standards and inspiring excellence.