Employers are in constant need of the capabilities, energy and enthusiasm eager-fresh graduates bring to the table. Though there is a high job demand among fresh-graduates, many employers go through great lengths to find candidates; let alone promising ones!

Purposefully designed to connect employers directly with promising fresh graduates, HRINCAMPUS helps employers to source for and secure the best possible fresh graduates available!

Find your dream candidate today!

Intern2U.com Jobsite
An Internship Matching Platform for both Employers & Superinterns
Graduates’ Choice Award
Malaysia's premier graduates' choice award. Now open for nomination.
Intercampus Career Fair
Annually held public career fair across Malaysia. Now open for booking
University Job Fair
Annually held university job fairs on University campuses. It's now open for booking
The Malaysia's Graduate Recruitment & Development Conference.
Employee Ownership Book
Publication with the objective of Educating Job Ownership. Now available at Major Bookstores
Campus Recruitr Club
A community filled with passionate and like-minded campus recruiters
Campus Edutisement
Placement your Employer Brand within Campuses of Choice
Annual Dinner Event Services
Professional event services. Themes, entertainments, rentals and others.
Career Fair Booth Design
Full fledged Exhibition Design & Build Services. 3D Booth Design, Construction, and Others.
Talentbank Sunway GEO
Career Discovery & Up-Skill Centre, looking out for the Creme de la Creme